Skokholm Island 2015

Skokholm Island a brilliant place to be. This was the second time I visited this wonderful Island which is full of wildlife. One of the reasons I was there was to photograph the Puffins and I was not disappointed.

There are lots of different species to see from Puffins, Gulls, Storm Petrels and one of the largest colonies of Manx Shearwaters. It also is known for it’s migrating birds even a Red Necked Phalaropespuffin013


The Puffins are very comical


I stayed the same duration as last time 5 days in the Carpenters Bungalow. The time just passes by so quick you run out of time to see anything, a good thing as it’s a good excuse to return again.



Richard and Giselle are the wardens on the Island, both are excellent at their work and very knowledgeable. If you decide to go to Skokholm don’t worry about asking them any questions you may have. You can keep up to date with everything happening on Skokholm Island here on there Blog


There’s always a chance of a sunset


Spot the odd one out

There are more than just Puffins