Richmond Park 2014

I always try and get to Richmond Park for the rutting season, and this year was no exception. I first went in September to have a look around and see if the Red Deer were getting ready for there rut, which normally happens in September and October.

Richmond Park015

The rut is a great an exciting time to watch the Deer, it’s where they engage in fierce battles to gain dominance for matting with the hinds. The best times to see and hear them is at dawn so it was an early start of 5 am. This time there was only small amount of bellowing.

Richmond Park016

I returned back early October and couldn’t believe my luck, the weather was perfect a frosty and misty morning. I raced to get ready and walked off to the sound of bellowing Deer. The noise was unbelievable I had never heard everything like it, a scary but magical sound. I walked thought the mist listening tracking them by sound till I found them.

Richmond Park011

Coming face to face in the mist was an experience in it’s self, they look so menacing. It’s not a good idea to get close especially in rutting season.

The Red deer are our largest land mammal and can weigh up to 530lbs and when they are rutting they become very aggressive and will charge at you, so it’s best to keep your distance. I have had to get a move one at times and it’s scary.