Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs, East Yorkshire home to the Gannet and other sea birds, in fact up to 200,000 of them come to Bempton Cliffs.I was here to capture the Gannet.

I travelled up on the !9th May, a 5hr drive and camped at Wold Farm which was walking distance along the cliffs to the Gannets. After setting up and a cuppa I thought it would be best to check out the cliffs, so I knew the layout for a early rise of 4am. So I grab the camera gear and headed off to find this amazing bird.I was about 45mins in to the walk when I came across a local farmer, who was also a keen photographer. Lucky me he soon put me in the right spot and explained the weather could not have been better. The strong wind was bringing the birds up to the top of the cliffs making it excellent for the photography. I just had to stay till late evening when the light was at its best.

Alarm set I went to bed excited for the next full day. I was soon brought down to earth where’s the sunrise it was meant to be there. The weather had changed to low could cover. Fingers cross I still set out to give it a go. The Gannets were still there so I tried some slow shutter speeds instead. the weather did change through the day but the wind dropped and so did the birds making it a lot harder to shot.

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