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A Catch Up of 2016 to 2017

A Catch Up of 2016 to 2017

Blimey I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last blog. I’ve done so much in a year, April I spent 5 days at Minsmere RSPB Nature Reserve. I was hoping to see a Dartford Warbler while I was there, but not only did I see one, I managed to photograph it as well. I was over the moon. I also see Marsh Harriers, Bitten, Snipe and many more birds. Unfortunately the Otter was at distance.


Before I knew it June had arrived and I was packing to go to Kenya Maasai Mara. I Decided to go with Andy and Sarah Skinner who run Woo what a trip so many sightings of so many wonderful animals. Also and great group of people. I couldn’t complain at all Andy and Sarah put in so much time and effort to get the sightings and photos everyone wanted. With that in mind I have booked with them to go to Botswana in 2017, I cannot wait.


In July I visited Orfordness Lighthouse before it was closed to the public. I went with a group of my photography friends for a day out. It’s only a small boat ride to get to the Island and then a good walk to get to the lighthouse.

The island is being closed to visitors because of the corrosion on the beach and the lighthouse is in danger of collapsing into the sea. It’s in the process of being dismantled and then moving.


I have always wanted to photograph an Osprey and I got the chance to in July. I visited a place at Rutland Water called River Gwash Ospreys. All in all I went 3 times and managed to get some awesome photos.


My love for Kenya had me back there again in September 2016, this time for the Great Migration. I decided to go with David Lloyd again.  As much as I got to see some amazing sights and wildlife, I didn’t get to see a crossing of the wildebeest. I was very disappointing especially when other guests in the same camp did get to see one. Oh well there’s always next year.


In October I was back at Brownsea Island to photograph the Red Squirrels. I went with my tog friends again. We stayed for 3 days and had excellent weather. Having been 2 years earlier we knew where to go to capture the Squirrels, October is the best time of year as they come down from the canopy to feed and hide away there nuts for winter.

Brownsea Island is located by Poole Harbour in Dorset, It’s run by the National Trust and just a 20 minute boat ride away. There’s lots to see a makes a good day out for everyone.


Now It’s January 2017 and I have booked a trip to Scotland, a place that’s been on my list for a while. With the hope of seeing and photographing the wildlife in the Highlands I set off to meet Marcus Conway a very good photographer and guide. His job was to show me and get close enough to photograph Mountain Hara’s, Great Crested Tit, Wild Red Deer, Red Grouse and Ptarmigan, not an easy task for anyone. Marcus pulled it out of the bag not only did I see and photograph everything on my list but he produced the best weather for each day. The Ptarmigan had to be the highlight of the trip. It was a 2 hour hike up the mountain in snow, and then you had to find a white bird hiding in snow, even when I was shown where it was I still had trouble seeing one.

A brilliant trip to start the year. You can book Marcus Conway here


I hope you enjoy my blog and my images.

Rainham Marshes Exhibition 2016

This Sunday for one week I will be doing my First Exhibition of my photography. I will be showing about 30 framed photos. If your passing or at a loose end please pop in to Rainham Marshes Rspb center for a look. You can even have a cuppa in the cafe.


A Quick Catch Up 2016

Time for a catch up.How time flies by and before we know it summer will be here.The end of last year was not to good for me, as my dear mum passed away so i found it difficult trying to focus on my photography.

I did get out through the summer stalking my local Barn Owls. I also managed a trip to Norfolk with Steve Hedges of Artescape photography who was running a landscape course.We had good weather for a change getting up for the sunrises and waiting for the sunsets.

In October the Short Eared Owl started showing, a fantastic sight to see. I still have not got a decent shot yet, I need to hurry before they return to colder climates.

As always I couldn’t resist a trip to see the Grey seals pupping on the Norfolk coast. I ended up going 3 times with a few photography mates.

I’m hoping to get some shots of the Hares soon, maybe even some boxing if i’m lucky. I have also book another trip to the Massai Mara in June for A Big Cat Safari.

Skokholm Island 2015

Skokholm Island a brilliant place to be. This was the second time I visited this wonderful Island which is full of wildlife. One of the reasons I was there was to photograph the Puffins and I was not disappointed.




Skokholm Island is a bird observatory just off the West Pembrokeshire coast. Read More……….


While out photographing I was lucky to witness this incredible fight between a Lesser Black Backed Gull and a Puffin. lucky the Puffin escaped




Bempton Cliffs 2015



So it was back to Bempton Cliffs to photograph the Gannets. May is partially a good time of year to go as the grass has not grown too long, and the Gannets are easier to see.

This time I travelled up on my own as my other friends decided against it because of the weather forecast rain, rain and rain. Read more………….


Catch Up 2015

I know I have not posted on here for a while, so I thought I better let you know what’s been happening.

I have been putting in lots of time trying to get some good bird shots like the Kingfisher and Great Crested Grebes, and the Bearded Tits.

In January I managed to photograph a Water Rail and having never seen one before was a great experience.

I have also been back to Bempton Cliffs to photograph the Gannets and I will do a separate blog for them soon.

In April I went back to the Lake District and had some wonderful weather which makes a change for me, again I will put up a blog for the Lakes

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Here are a few photos from the past few months

Norfolk Seals 2014

norfolk seal 016

I wasn’t to sure about going to photograph the Grey seals and pups at Horsey in Norfolk, as it was a bit of a problem with the area being roped off and difficult to get any decent shots.Yes I know why, and agree it’s to protect the pups from being left by the upset parents, which results in the pups death as they are not feed. So there care and well-being is the utmost importance. Read more………… 

Richmond Park 2014

Richmond Park010

 I always try and get to Richmond Park for the rutting      season, and this year was no exception.

 I first went in September to have a look around and see  if the Red Deer were getting ready for there rut, which  normally happens in September and October.        

 Read more………….

Brownsea Island 2014

While I was Photographing Red Deer in Richmond Park a couple of weeks ago, I meet another photographer who told me about Red Squirrels at a place called Brownsea Island. So with a little research I was soon putting together a little trip. I had to be quick as the Island shuts down at the beginning of November for winter. A couple of photography friends also came alone for hopeful two days good days of Red Squirrels.

I was a little apprehensive and about what we would see, if any, or find. After a bit of a horrid journey, we arrived on the Island about midday and it wasn’t long before I saw my first Brownsea Island Red Squirrel.

As normal the weatherman got the forecast wrong and the promised sun didn’t really appear, so it was difficult to capture any good shots in the low light.The last boat leaves at 5pm, so it was back to the hotel for the night. After a good breakfast we was on the first boat over at 10am for a full day’s photograph. The sun stayed out till about 3pm giving us all a chance in amongst the trees of some good light and shots. I wasn’t disappointed



Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs, East Yorkshire home to the Gannet and other sea birds, in fact up to 200,000 of them come to Bempton Cliffs.I was here to capture the Gannet.

I travelled up on the !9th May, a 5hr drive and camped at Wold Farm which was walking distance along the cliffs to the Gannets. After setting up and a cuppa I thought it would be best to check out the cliffs, so I knew the layout for a early rise of 4am. So I grab the camera gear and headed off to find this amazing bird.I was about 45mins in to the walk when I came across a local farmer, who was also a keen photographer. Lucky me he soon put me in the right spot and explained the weather could not have been better. The strong wind was bringing the birds up to the top of the cliffs making it excellent for the photography. I just had to stay till late evening when the light was at its best.

Alarm set I went to bed excited for the next full day. I was soon brought down to earth where’s the sunrise it was meant to be there. The weather had changed to low could cover. Fingers cross I still set out to give it a go. The Gannets were still there so I tried some slow shutter speeds instead. the weather did change through the day but the wind dropped and so did the birds making it a lot harder to shot.